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Job Opportunity: Market Research Analyst

Elite Light and Living seeks a market research analyst: Bachelor’s degree in business or marketing or the equivalent required.
Duties: Collect and analyze data and customer demographics, preferences, needs and buying habits to identify potential markets and factors affecting demand for purchasing the type of lighting and furniture products in which our company specializes. Develop pricing strategies, balancing the company’s objectives and customer satisfaction. Identify, develop and evaluate marketing strategy based on knowledge of objectives and market characteristics; evaluating the financial aspects of development such as budgets, expenditures, research and development appropriations and return-on-investment and profit-loss projections; formulating, directing and coordinating marketing activities and policies to promote the company’s lighting and furniture products. Prepare reports of market research findings to the management teams. Measure and assess customer satisfaction and the forecasting and tracking of sales trends in the lighting and furniture industry. He will also conduct research on consumer opinions and marketing strategies, working with outside marketing and advertising firms. Gather data on competitors and analyze their prices, sales and methods of marketing and distribution. Prepare budgets and submit estimates for program costs as part of an advertising development, planning and preparing advertising and promotional material, assisting with annual marketing and advertising budget development, inspecting layouts and advertising copy, preparing and negotiating advertising contracts, identifying and developing contacts for promotional campaigns that meet identified buyer targets and gathering and organizing information to plan advertising campaigns. Oversee the company’s website content with respect to its marketing, and recommend changes and additions to the website content providers.

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