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About Us

Vladimir Maistrenko, founder and President of Elite Home, has a long held affinity for luxury furnishings, lighting and high end design. Vladimir started his business in Europe over 20 years ago; he is now working with the world famous furniture manufactures from Italy, Germany, Spain and USA. Over the past six years his business expanded to the USA, bringing new stores to Miami and New York. In the nearest future the company is planning on opening showrooms in Los Angeles and Chicago. The true success of Elite and its visionary business owner can be measured by numerous customers, whose expectations were far exceeded by impeccable service, professionalism and dedication to delivering the highest quality and top value at best prices in the market.

Job Opportunity: Market Research Analyst

Meet us

  • Vladimir MaistrenkoVladimir Maistrenko
    Founder and President of Elite Home
  • Krystyna Margot Richmond
  • Inna Dovzhynets
    General Manager
  • Anna Ushakova
    Interior Designer / Architect
  • Cristina Kalitskaya
    Sales & Project Manager
  • Oleg Ushakov
    Marketing Manager
  • Azat Zeinilov
    Installation Specialist
  • Roman Berg
    Installation Specialist