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  About us

Elite Light & Living — Luxury Furniture and Interiors in Miami and New York

Elite Light & Living specializing in exclusive furniture, chandeliers and interior design. Our philosophy is to offer the best design and the most sophisticated product on the market at affordable price.

Elite Light & Living Miami

Modern Furniture

If you dream of making your house a little paradise where you can relax, you are in the right place. We will help you to accommodate you with comfort. Our modern furniture store in Miami and New York proposes you a variety of exclusive contemporary furniture that will create a luxurious, comfortable and cozy interior in your house to your taste. You may choose patterns given in our modern furniture collection catalogues and showrooms or make sure that talented creators we work with will help your own ideas become a reality.

Contemporary Lighting

But can you imagine a luxurious interior without contemporary lighting? We doubt! The modern lighting collection we offer is what you need to complete the interior. It is our contemporary lightning (Miami / New York) that will help you to create a unique design in your rooms and emphasize the beauty of the furniture.

Either didn’t we forget to take care about the doors for your house. You have a brilliant proposal of the new-designed Italian Doors. An exclusively decorated chandelier can be the only missing thing in your luxurious interior.

High End European Furniture

In our furniture store you can buy high-end European furniture from Italy and Germany.